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Match Your Suit & Shoes

There are 3 main shoe colours: Black, brown and oxblood/burgundy. 

They don’t just go with any of the 5 suit colours:

  • Navy blue
  • Light or medium-grey
  • Charcoal grey
  • Brown
  • Black

Remember – business climates are more relaxed now. You have more options…and more chances of screwing up. The wrong shoes can ruin even your best suit.

So what are all the right combos?

Category #1: Navy Blue Suits
Black = formal, “getting down to business”
Brown = more relaxed or flexible
Oxblood/burgundy = more playful or creative
That’s right – navy blue goes comfortably with all three of the main colours of quality men’s shoes. Why? Blues by nature can convey trust, wisdom, and responsibility. They give off a tranquil, calming effect when people encounter you. Any touches of black, brown or burgundy tend to “blend in” well with a larger amount of blue – without being distracting.

Category #2: Light / Medium-Gray Suits