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Men’s ties are a fun and functional accessory that says a lot about your personality. Men’s ties are something NMcIntosh will always be passionate about. Made with quality, our collection features ties for all budgets and sumptuous silks and cottons that sit on the more affordable side of your budget. The compilation of men's ties includes textured and silk ties for the office, and ties for formal and less formal occasions.

Pocket Square | Handkerchief

What's the one item that'll boost your outfit in less than five minutes? Hint: It belongs in your pocket. The Littlest Thing Makes the Biggest Difference. The pocket square is the single most indispensable tool for defining a man of style these days. But how do you make it look all nonchalant? And does it have to match your tie? Here, we answer all your questions, show you all the best options, and teach you how to fold it like a pro - GQ

Bow Tie | Self Bow Tie

Bow ties are back, and with an assortment of amazing designs, we've got a cool bow tie just for you. Choose from our fantastic range of stripes, dots or even patterned bow tie. Get our hard to find items like tartan or leopard print bow ties. With so many designs on offer, you may spend some time choosing the best bow tie for your needs, but it's worth it. For the more daring, try a self-tie bow tie - it's a bit tricky to tie initially, but you'll soon get the hang of it, and feel really good about it too.

Lapel Pin | Boutonniere

The addition of something so small can totally transform a look or help to emphasize the image you wish to portray. Its effect is to draw attention to a particular part of your outfit. Equally the lapel pin can be worn just on its own, having the effect of adding depth and a subtle shot of personality.


From ethnic-inspired wooden beads to high-end crystal/ebony versions to statement plastic styles, the range of designs currently on offer is vast and provides something for every personal taste. This is modern art on your wrist, bringing it to life. From the stylish character to the urban traveller, attention is taken to provide a quality and sophisticated jewellery collection.